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My picks for Pride season

The Bushes: the past, and the future(?)

Jake Daniels has changed the world

The gun violence-bigotry symbiosis

Recent Events Roundup!

Jill Biden: a refreshing First Lady

Assange should be extradited to U.S.

Goodbye masks on planes!

Young people: stick with Joe

Jared Polis for President?

Trump should not be back on Twitter

Senator Feinstein should resign

Democrats must lead on immigration

The stakes in the French election

The Trip: the movie that made me

Obamacare: 12 years on

The GOP: the big government party

Will Smith resigns

Garcetti should not be Ambassador to India

The primaries need to change

Happy Birthday Elton John

The legacy of Madeleine Albright

Thank you Spencer Cox

John Heilman for WeHo City Council

In appreciation of Nancy Pelosi

HRC: it's time to dump Kyrsten Sinema

America's biggest traitors

Bill Barr and the lie of false equivalency

Sorry, Disney: too little, too late

The danger of Brittney Griner in Russia

It's time to ban "fake allies" from Pride

Beauty & The Beat: 40 years on

Pence and DeSantis: run against Trump

Disney's astonishing betrayal of the LGBTQ+ community

What the hell is going on in WeHo?

The GOP's betrayal of America

Why SCOTUS might legalize anti-gay discrimination

Thank you Gus Kenworthy

“Making Love”, 40 years on

The Parkland shooting: 4 years on

Why the Russia-Ukraine conflict matters

Coachella should fire Kanye West

LGBTQ+ representation at the Oscars

When I Met The Queen

Is it time for the mask mandate to end?

My take on Hugh Hefner

Why Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill is so dangerous

Yes we need to rush on the Supreme Court

Run, Rick, Run

Why Ritchie Torres is the future

Who will be the first gay president?

Democrats are the only option

The truth about Hillary Clinton

The Biden presidency: 1 year in

My tribute to Sidney Poitier

How to save democracy